Electro-Mechanical Actuators & Controllers

Aerospace reliability at industrial costs.

Specialty Motors is committed to offering complete motor solutions to our customers. As part of this commitment, we are proud to partner with F O Engineering of Valencia, CA to combine flight-worthy controller technology with our own custom motors, priced to fit industrial market budgets.

Together, we have the ability to provide simple, elegant and cost effective solutions to complex problems, in a wide variety of disciplines, making us a resource you can count on to design and manufacture your new product, or improve a product already in production.

F O Engineering has extensive experience in the development of Electro-Mechanical Actuators and Controllers. Their expertise goes beyond motion control to complete system design for electro-mechanical systems, closed loop servo systems, electronic measuring systems, and hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The extremely high density controller shown weighs only 5 ounces but can deliver a peak of 5 kW (6.5 horsepower). These units were developed for aircraft flight controls.

The flexible controller design will work with all of the following options:

  • Controls Brushless or Brushed DC motors
  • Sensorless and Sensor Modes of operation
  • 3 phase commutation by Hall Effect sensors or Resolver
  • Position feedback by LVDT, potentiometer, or state counting
  • Commands via CAN, RS-232, SPI, or Analog

Key areas of expertise in the development of these controllers are:

  • High Power Electronics
  • Planar Magnetic Transformers and Inductors
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital and Analog circuit design
  • Systems Analysis and Non-Linear Math Modeling
  • DC Motor Design and Optimization

To learn more about F O Engineering, please visit www.foengineering.com. To learn how Specialty Motors and F O Engineering can bring a complete motor solution to your project, contact us.