A complete servo
control system.

A single integrated package.

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The I2 Motor: A Complete Servo Motion Control System

Our patented I2 (Integrated, Intelligent) Motor has all the elements of a complete servo system in one integrated package including: brushless DC motor, driver, controller, feedback devices and power supply. It’s designed for specialty machine builders, process control system integrators and OEMs to make product development fast and cost effective. It is also a valuable tool to support academic research and design projects.

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Key Features

  • Continuous power range up to 1.0HP
  • Continuous torque range up to TBD in-oz / TBD N-M
  • Unique patented control technology – US patent # 8,193,748 B2
  • Velocity or position commands can be programmed in minutes using free Wizard software download
  • Programmable digital and analog I/O
  • Cuts development time and cost to a fraction of conventional component systems

Digital Inputs:

Enable/Disable Drive, Homing,4 programmable inputs.

Digital Outputs:

Motor Enabled, Motor Fault, 4 assignable outputs.

Analog I/O (0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 MA, 12 bit):

  • 1 programmable input
  • 1 programmable output


Features & Functions

  • 110/220 VAC universal power
  • Universal inputs and outputs (I/O), 5-24VDC
  • Programmable I/O, current sourcing and sinking
  • 32 index motion profiles in velocity or position
  • Easy to use indexing drive
  • Speed Regulation is 0.1 % of Set Speed
  • Position Resolution is 4096 counts (Post Quad) per revolution

General Parameter Programmability:

  • Input and output scale factors for defining units of measure for both speed and position
  • Input and output offsets
  • Loop Gains for servo compensation
  • Command and internal state limiters
  • Motor matching values such as Kbemf

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