I2 Motor Accessories

breakout boardBreakout Board

The Breakout Board allows testing of actual machine I/O to verify that all connections are correct before final wiring of the machine. It incorporates terminal blocks that connect with all of the I/O available in the I2 motor. This allows the machine designer to connect all required I/O to the I2 Motor I/O connector (25 pin D) without using a 25 pin connector and cable set.

Price:  $89.00
(Part #BB001)

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integration boardIntegration Board

The Integration Board is useful in situations where computer access to the I2 Motor is limited or unavailable, such as a motor that has been installed in a product or system. The switches on the board duplicate the functions of the Emulation Screen of the I2 Motor Wizard and allow a designer to test or develop I2 Motor control strategies at the machine after it has been installed. The Integration Board connects directly to the I2 Motor I/O connector and allows testing of all defined I/O before hard wiring is complete. This has the potential to save hours of work in development and testing.

Price:  $229.00
(Part #IB001)

To order call 800-232-2612 or email sales