Servo Whitepaper

Choosing the Right Permanent Magnet Motor for Your Application

Choosing the right electric motor for a new product application can be a difficult problem with many conflicting requirements. Balancing and prioritizing power, torque, size, operating temperature and price is a very complex and often confusing puzzle. This paper addresses fractional horsepower permanent magnet motors with ratings of 1/10 HP to 2 HP.

Servo Control Whitepaper


Servo Whitepaper

Improving the Accuracy of Pumping and Dispensing

This whitepaper is designed to help you address the motion control needs of products or systems requiring precise velocity or position control through a broad range of loads or speed ranges.

Servo Control Whitepaper




The Design Engineer's Cheat Sheet to Permanent Magnet Motors

The Design Engineer's Cheat Sheet is your quick reference to understanding permanent magnet motors. It covers key areas of torque, power, and heat dissipation and how each factor contributes to the performance and cost of a motor.



I2 Motor Used to Test Critical KC-46 Component

Early this year engineers of Federal Industries Inc., El Segundo, CA were tasked with developing a test protocol and supporting hardware for a complex planetary gear box that was at the heart of the centerline hose and drogue inflight refueling (IFR) system chosen for the new USAF tanker aircraft.